Midwifery Care at Consultants in OB/GYN

At Consultants in OB/GYN, our dedicated midwifery team provides comprehensive and compassionate women’s care through pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Our certified nurse midwives work collaboratively with the region’s leading gynecologists and obstetricians to provide you with an intimate, close-knit care team.

Our Approach to Midwifery Care

Our certified nurse midwives are registered nurses with specialized training and certification in women’s care. At Consultants in OB/GYN, we work closely with each patient to understand their goals and expectations for pregnancy and childbirth. We’re open to various care strategies that can provide the best outcomes and lead to a happy and healthy mom and baby.

Led by Cheryl Kohrs, CNM, our small and supportive team of midwives work alongside you through pregnancy and childbirth. Instead of facing childbirth with an unfamiliar and impersonal medical team, you’ll have a partner in care, a compassionate professional who guides you through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth every step of the way.

Access to Cutting-Edge Medical Care

During your labor and delivery journey at Consultants in OB/GYN, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that leading gynecologists and obstetricians are just a few steps away. Our certified nurse midwives and expert physicians have a collaborative relationship, working seamlessly on behalf of each patient.

Our team of women’s healthcare professionals offers a wide range of services for a woman’s lifetime care journey, from a teenager’s first menstrual cycle through menopause. Patients at Consultants in OB/GYN have a simple, streamlined consultation and referral process that gives them access to the region’s leading care professionals for each stage of their journey, including pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum care.

Learn More

For more information about our midwifery services at Consultants in OB/GYN, please call (303) 322-2240. You may also schedule an appointment online with Cheryl Kohrs, CNM, Stacey Brophy, CNM, and Heather O'Meara or by calling our office.