• Catherine Martin

    Four years ago, Catherine Martin visited Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim, OB/GYN at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, when she first started experiencing bleeding. Looking for a holistic solution, Dr. Guggenheim recommended and performed an Endometrial Ablation. Years later and post menopause, Catherine once again began to experience bleeding and she consulted with Dr. Guggenheim. Tests indicated Catherine had fibroids as well as polyps or some kind of mass in her cervix. Dr. Guggenheim recommended a robotic hysterectomy for fast healing and recovery, smaller incisions and a quicker return to work and daily activities. Catherine is back to her active self and the things that she loves including hiking, walking the dogs, hitting the gym and spending time with her kids.

  • Beth Graefe

    Beth Graefe has been a patient of Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim, OB/GYN at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, for the past 10 years for general OB/GYN care. After a recent bout of episodic pain, Beth consulted with Dr. Guggenheim and they came to the decision together that surgery would be the best option. Beth and Dr. Guggenheim had multiple conversations to discuss a holistic approach to solve Beth’s individual needs and just 6-weeks post surgery, she is pain-free and doing great. Beth was impressed with the continuum of care and team approach from start to finish during her time at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s. Beth highly recommends Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim saying she is “a caring, kind and compassionate OB/GYN who will work with you and not just talk to you to solve whatever you need.”

  • Paula Scholl

    Paula Scholl visited her primary care physician when she started experiencing pain in her abdomen. To her surprise, the CAT Scan revealed she had a cyst on her ovary, yet her ovaries were removed 17 years prior. To her dismay, part of her ovary remained and a cyst was aggressively growing on it. That’s when she was recommended to Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim with Consultants in OB/GYN at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s. Dr. Guggenheim and Dr. Tony Canfield performed robotic surgery and Paula was back on her feet in no time at all.

  • Megan Daut

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  • Mina Cohen

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  • Jacquie Davey

    dr. victor dabelea


    Robot-assisted Hysterectomy: Jacquie's Experience - Dr. Victor Dabelea

  • Marcy Gonzalez

    dr. victor dabelea


    Marcy can pursue pregnancy thanks to Dr. Victor Dabelea and robotic arm surgery that preserved her fertility.

  • Susan Hallenberger

    dr. victor dabelea


    Hear Susan’s story about the daVinci Robotic procedure performed by Dr. Victor Dabelea

  • Andrea Rau

    Andrea's baby received expert NICU care with Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

  • Heidi Wilson

    dr. victor dabelea


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